Make Money With Best Seed

Are you spending $80-$125 per bag of seed corn? Why, certainly not to make more profit per acre. Many competing brands cost $20-$75 more per bag than the top quality hybrids sold by Best Seed Company.

On an average of $50 more per bag you could be spending as much as $17 per acre to plant one of our heavily advertised competitors. $2 corn means you have to make 8.5 bushels more per acre just to pay the seed cost! The research results show they will not do this.

Another way to look at the great difference is what could you buy for $17 per acre. Another chemical or insecticide application. Or, @$125 per ton, $17 would buy a split application of Liquid Nitrogen and an additional 30# of nitrogen per acre! I have never had a competitor say their $125 hybrids could out yield mine with a 30# nitrogen advantage. But the cost per acre is the same! How they justify these outrageous seed costs is beyond me.

Money is too tight to not consider what you could do with your money, rather than some seed company.

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